Services Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage

1.5 hr $140 CDN (plus tax) CDN   

30 Minutes $50 CDN (plus tax)

Deep tissue massage and/or a variety of tension relieving techniques that are very effective and unique to body sense.

Services Alignment

Injury/Pain Relief Treatment

1 hr  $99.75 (plus tax) CDN 

A combination of modalities and massage to assess, treat expedite recovery.

Relaxation Massage 

1 hr $95 (plus tax) CDN 

Swedish technique relaxation massage. Peaceful and rejuvenating. Warm table, oil and soothing music.
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Energy Healing Session

1 hr – $95 (plus tax) CDN 

Tuning in with healing energy on areas of pain and discomfort. May be paired with massage and intuitive guidance. Restoring the body’s natural flow.

Intuitive Session

1 hr – $95 (plus tax) CDN 

Sessions assist in gaining insight into what needs to be looked at in your life, self and cells.. A compassionate, healing and insightful treatment. We are energy, what is yours saying?

Facials / Aesthetic Bodywork

1 hr – $125 – (plus Tax) CDN 

Refreshening Facial  / Treatment Facial, Micro-currant Anti-Aging Facial, Hair growth Stimulation Treatment, Stretch mark and Scar Treatments

Ionic Detox Footbath

40 min. – $50 (plus tax) CDN 

A treatment designed to decongest and detoxify by ionically attracting toxins and reducing strain on the body systems.

*Results vary*

Services Performance Package

Performance Packages

“Healing pain holistically, and live your passion” consultations.
30 min. – Consultation – Are you passionate about life, performance and purpose?

I’m offering complimentary – “Healing pain holistically, and living your passion” consultations. Limited spaces available monthly.  I would love to share the things we could can accomplish together. No obligation.